SoundBuds Flow

Hey guys I purchased a pair of Anker earbuds at Walmart 3 days ago. Their called the SoundBuds Flow, but I’m confused because when I was looking these up on Amazon, they weren’t on Amazon. I feel like they’re really similar to the SoundBuds Slim because of the design and features. I have some pictures of the product.
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I was just wondering if these are a new pair that Anker released or if these are old ones. Any information would be helpful, Thanks.


Sorry if the pictures look weird. Still getting used to inputting the image size.

Nice! Thanks for sharing, @Edy_Diaz! How do they sound?

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@TechnicallyWell I would say they would about the same as the SoundBuds Slim because they both have 6mm drivers, but sound wise I’d saying that they sound great and I definitely enjoy using them.

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Currently available in the UK for [£22.99] (

It doesn’t say when they became available but the reviews start from Oct 17 so must be new I would have thought.

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According to Amazon 28th Aug 2017, so probably mid-late Sept before they actually started shipping them…

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From looking this up it seems that it’s the same as the soundbuds surge here in the states and rebranded as Flow for overseas. Not sure why but that’s what I kept coming across when looking these up.

Hmmmmm I’ve had a pair of Surge sent to me in the UK
Will have a look later if they are the same thing

When I searched it it was coming up under Germany on the Anker website but it said flow and in the title it was called surge

Anker lineup at the local Walmart…

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We don’t have anything like this in the UK
The only place to get them is online.

WalMart own Asda (No1 supermarket chain) in the UK. Why haven’t they got their products on sale in stores over here? My wife could leave at the stand while she goes shopping :joy:


I purchased the Sounds Buds FLOW about 2 months ago (Early January) at a Walmart in Wisconsin in the USA. I had a bit of a malfunction with them just recently (hey it happens with all electronics now and then… I am OK with it because they were great about it). And I contacted ANKER here because they have an 18 month warranty. They said that because I bought them at Walmart they no longer have any of them in stock. (Meaning online and in store, so when you search online you won’t find them… so they may have been off market online for a while.) You probably found them at Walmart because they have a huge stock of them.
(PS. ANKER had WONDERFUL and fast Customer service via email! Being in the USA the emails always came in at 3 or 4 so it was likely the best way to communicate). But I was able to get my warranty claim figured out in 2 short days through email, explaining what was going on, sending pictures of proof of purchase (reciept, product etc).
The earbuds were the best buds I have EVER had! I had been looking for a pair that would work for me for a VERY long time. I could never find a pair that would stay in my ear. These were GREAT! Awesome sound, and the best part AFFORDABLE! Because they didn’t have the Flow anymore they had to replace it with the Slim, and I look forward to trying them out. I have heard really good reviews on that one as well.

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I purchased these headphones some days ago and i have to say that i love them.
Great comfort and super sound for this low price.
The battery life ist high enough to get through 1-2 days of music when you are using them intensive.