Soundbuds Flow : Unstable bluetooth connection

Hi !
I bought soundbuds flow but since the beginning i have problems with my bluetooth connection : i managed to pair it easily with my surface (windows 10), right after pairing it i can listen to music or other stuff with no problems, but if i quit listening to stuffs (if there is no sound in the earbuds) for like 10 sec when i putback music the sound is all choppy (/jerky ? dont know how to say it in english). To fix it i have to go in my bluetooth connections, unpair it an then repair it, and if i pause music again, ill have to do it again…

So yeah, quite frustrating, i had sony bluetooth earbuds before that and never have this problem. I tried to uninstall /reinstall the bluetooth driver but it didn’t change anything, so if you guys have an idea it would be super cool ! thx !

Try to reset your Soundbuds Flow. I think you can do it by pressing volume+ and volume- buttons together for about 5-8 seconds. Once you do that, forget your earbuds from the bluetooth list of your Surface.

Let us know if doing these steps help your problem

thx for the tip, but didn’t work unfortunately

In that case just email Soundcore at and see if they can help you out

Time to send them back