SoundBuds Flow Bluetooth Kopfhörer, In-Ear WINDOWS 10 not work

I bought this in ear phones Anker SoundBuds Flow Bluetooth Kopfhörer, In-Ear Kopfhörer mit Bluetooth 5.0, IPX7

i can’t connect it mith my Ntebbok, Windows 10

If i choose connect, it will work. But after connecting i can’t hear any sound. Sometimes it worked, but most oft the time it doesn’t work.
If i want to use the mic, nothing work… no sound and no mic…

i reinstalled my audio driver and bluetooth driver. nothing happens
has anyone a idea?

thank you a lot!
best regadrs

Do you have any other audio devices paired to the laptop? If so delete all those other pairings.

Once you have just this earphones paired and connected, go to your sound settings and try all the Audio devices, the earphones will have two, headset and speaker try both. Often with Windows you either have a microphone or good sound but not both.

I think we’re discovering in 2020 that Windows really liked wired buds when using both earbuds and microphone, they don’t do as good wireless at both.

I used an other in ear phone and this one worked greatfull.

Yes I see two devices if I connect it with the pc
Speaker works most time, I hear the sound.
If I choose the headset, I don‘t hear anything

headset is a much lower quality audio, and I’m wondering if its too quality for what you are attempting to play?

Okay, the connection work, but if i hear a youtube-video or something else, i can’t only hear some realy quiet noise.
Are the defect?

There are multiple volume-up settings, find them all and :arrow_up:

Typically there 3 settings, the media volume, overall volume and in-app volume.

I did it. Didn’t help. Only some noise