Soundbuds Curve vs Spirit X?

Looking at anker headphones is confusing! So many variations, iterations, and even less listed on their own site!

I’ve read that the Spirit is essentially the successor to the Curve, but they aren’t even listed on Anker’s own site.

Then on Amazon Canada, at least, there is an UPDATED versions with BT 5.0 and who knows what else.

What is ultimately the different between these? How do you even choose? :slight_smile:

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Get the Spirit x, its newer and offers a fully sweatproof design with all parts coated with a nano covering that prevents sweat and corrosion. Plus I have swam with mine and had no issues

Sniper :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Hmm now looking at the spirit I’m torn between the spirit x and the pro

The spirit pro still has the little earhook, so not sure the big ear clip of the X is even necessary :thinking:

I go for the pro I think they sound a little bit better and have dual EQ modes. but it really depends on your usage if you’re going to be moving around alot like working out at the gym I’d go for the spirit x because the ear hook holds really well.

If you can find them get the spirit Pro GVA Google voice Assistant you will not be disappointed.


Hmmm! I would totally want the google assistant (I have android). Reviews on amazon talk about the google assistant for the Pro… and I can’t find any GVA/Google version on amazon.COM or .CA. What is the actually difference in the GVA version?

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All these headphones have a button that you can program to work with whatever voice Assistant you are using but the gva has a dedicated Google Assistant button that plays nice with Google assistant on your phone. I’m using the GVA headphones right now.

I’d get the upgraded spirit x myself.

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