SoundBuds Curve Review

As you receive your SoundBuds Curve it arrives in very nice packaging.

The SoundBuds also come with a carry case good for when not using. The sound quality is amazing, better than the Beats Powerbeats and I think they also fit better. Anker also includes different ear pieces that you can change to how they fit in your ear. The SoundBuds beat the Beats in charge. The Beats last 6 hours and the SoundBuds last 14 hours. The SoundBuds are completely waterproof were as the Beats are water resistance. These SoundBuds Curve are a amazing value and are better than the Beats Powerbeats and are cheaper. But because it is cheaper doesn’t mean the quality is cheap. Anker has made these in high quality. I would recommend these to anybody who does anything active and wants to listen to music.


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What is the water resistant / proof rating of the SoundBuds Curve. I can’t seem to find it listed on your website’s page or on Amazon.

How would you rate the sound quality? Trebel/bass balance, is one louder than the other?

I believe the bass is a little louder and the trebel is good. But this also depends on personal song picks

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Heres what it says on the box and all the info on them in the manual


Yeah, I find it interesting that there’s no rating, such as IP_ _.

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Upon further review of their fcc filing and the product page from their manual it’s ipx4

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Interesting as most of Anker’s others are IPX5.

Nice review! I also found the sound on the SoundBuds Curve to be on par with the Beats PowerBeats2.

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Nice review :thumbsup: I wouldn’t put too much stock on the FCC listing for it’s IPX rating as things listed in the FCC’s often change before they finally make it to market. The original Slim’s were tagged as having both IPX4 and IPX5 at one stage.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm the accurate IPX level and if it is indeed IPX4, has it been reduced due to the internal nano-coating?