Soundbuds Curve Make a Random Screeching Noise

I love these earbuds, but every month or so and for no reason I can figure out they abruptly make a VERY loud metallic sceeching noise that only stops when I turn them off. This has happened in the middle of the night when Im using them to fall asleep, or when I’m driving with them in, or when I’m just out walking.

I have mild tinnitus and don’t want to make it worse! Has anybody else experienced this? Do I have to get a refund or a different pair?

Hi @kate.willette,
I haven’t heard of this issue, but I’m curious if maybe you have another Bluetooth device (phone or tablet) to pair them with as a test to see if the issue still occurs? I would hate for you to exchange the earbuds just to have the same issue occur again (if the sound is actually coming from the phone).
However, at any rate, feel free to reach out to the support team at for warranty service. Thanks!

@TechnicallyWell Thanks for your response. @kate.willette Please try a different phone to see if the problem persists. If yes, please write to us We will help you with the exchange. Thanks