SoundBuds Curve make a high-pitched sound when using Google Assistant

So I just got the SoundBuds Curve and so far, I really like them. There’s just one problem I’m having that I’m wondering if other people are experiencing as well or if it’s just a defect in my unit. The Curve’s can be used to activate your smart assistant of choice - in my case, Google Assistant. However, whenever I hold the play button to activate Assistant, I hear a high-pitched sound like what you used to hear in landline phones when the line is dead.

I tried to un-pair and re-pair the headphones, which didn’t help. I tried switching the default assistant (I have three options available on my phone - Google Assistant, Samsung S Voice and AutoVoice) and the problem only happens with Assistant. I tried rebooting my phone and turning the headset off and on, neither of which helped. Also, if I activate Assistant manually on my phone by holding the home button, I still get the sound. But - and this is really weird - if I activate Assistant by using the wake phrase “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”, I don’t get any sound even though that is functionally equivalent to launching Assistant by holding the home button.

I actually made a video to demonstrate the sound -

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your soundbud curves. I’m not familiar with your model but I haven’t heard of others having this issues. I would contact @AnkerSupport. at

Make sure to give the detail you left us here and the link to the video. Also provide your serial number and your purchase order details. Also they hold limited hours on the weekend so they may not be able to help until next week.

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Hi @tonicboy sorry hear you are having these difficulties. I wondered if @AnkerTechnical might have an idea of what’s causing it or a possible remedy.

If no joy contact support as @Element321 has mentioned above and you will have no problems getting them
replaced :ok_hand: