SoundBuds Curve: Excellence Achieved!

I hope you enjoy my review of the Anker SoundBuds Curve!


Nice demos :smile:

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Great job Josh! :slight_smile:

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Good review Josh :thumbsup: , not certain I’m sold on the round the ear thing, remember the SoundBud Sports being a complete pain…

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Great review. I’m sat here with my Soundbuds Sport IE20’s in listening hehehe and I’ve got some new Soundbuds Surg on their way :ok_hand:


great review @Joshuad11 !!! good job! :blush:


I think these add more comfort than discomfort. A huge upgrade over the Slims.

Very nice video review!

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Do you have an Amazon link to the Surge?

Do you have a complete spec for the unit?

How do you think the audio quality compare to other sport headphones?

Nice review!

I think the Curve sounds very favorably compared to others! It is the best I’ve tried!

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Great job as always :slight_smile: