Soundbuds Curve Crackling Audio

I’ve been using my Soundbuds Curve since the beginning of the year and have loved them. Over the last month/2 months they’ve started to crackle from time to time while using them. Now they crackle constantly anytime I use them. I’ve tested other headphones to see if it was an issue with my computer or iPhone, but I only have the issue with the Soundbuds. Does anyone else have/had this issue? If so, what was the problem and were you ever able to fix it?


Sorry your having issues, I would recommend you to send an email to, provide them with the serial number and your original order or purchase number. In the email explain what the issue is you are having and what you have tried to remedy it. They are away until the 8th, so be patient as they may have a backlog of emails to sort through. Your within your 18 mo th warranty so you should be in good hands with them


Thanks so much for the advice, @elmo41683! They’re at my desk at work, so I’ll reach out to them this upcoming week about it and hopefully resolve the issue. I appreciate your help!

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Have you checked cleanness of the headphones? Sometimes ear wax gets inside the silicon buds.

Ear wax is not dirty, it’s natural for ears to have a little. It’s cleaning fluid for the ears, and as you get your head wet in shower, it comes out n removes dirt. Ear wax only bad if it’s blocked n causing hearing issues. Sometimes in very hot weather you produce a little extra, and it gets on buds esp as they inside.

I wouldn’t say the crackling is caused by earwax, it’s a issue with the earbuds themselves. I had the same happen to me and then my right earbud just stopped working all together. First the crackling and then it sounded like it shorted itself and cut out

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I think it’s related to my computer, although it only happens with these headphones. I tried a hard reset, which Anker tech support recommend, but that didn’t seem to work. The headphones usually work perfectly for the first 10 minutes when connected to the computer, and then get all crackly and unreliable. I have them connected to my iPhone now to see if I can duplicate the issue. If it happens again, then I know it’s the headphones and not the computer.

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It can happen, if you don’t have the correct type of BT signal.

Go to BT settings, and check audio/file types… Not sure what are the correct versions, but check it’s on auto/default… Unless you have real knowledge on what to change.

Thanks for that suggestion! I looked into my bluetooth settings and everything seems to be correct. I honestly have no idea what the issue is. I’m going to get the IT team here at work to see if they have any ideas and suggestions. If we can fix it, I’ll post how and what we did to fix it in case anyone else out there comes across a similar issue.

Are you the only person listening BT at work?
Or only one with Anker?

Just a thought if too many bt signals clash, like on WiFi?

I work with thousands of people in the headquarters I’m at. I’m in the creative department and there are about 70 of us back here, most of which have some sort of headphone connected. Probably 80% of those are bluetooth. I thought about that being the issue too. The weird thing is that it’s only happening with these headphones. I have another pair of bluetooth headphones and I don’t have that problem with them.