Soundbuds curve connect to phone but no audio

Hi there,
I have a brand new set of Soundbuds Curve. I can pair them with my Android phone but no sound comes out. I can talk to Google by pressing the button on the controller and it hears me fine, so the Bluetooth connection is working.
I have tried turning up the sound but that didn’t work.
It’s a Huawei phone running Android 9.
Any ideas?

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Hi @Nichola272
Shame your havng problems with the buds.

A couple of things you can try,
Forget the device in the Bluetooth settings on your phone and re connect.
You can reset the buds by holding down the vol + & - buttons for 2 seconds while the buds are powered off.

That’s as far as my technical knowledge goes on the product.
Out of interest have you paired them to something other than your Huawei and did they work on that device?

Let me know how you get on.

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If all else fails, feel free to reach out to support at