SoundBuds + buttons skip now tracks, but do not control volume

My topic sums it up: after months of working wondefully, the + and - buttons now skip tracks but do not control volume. I hold the buttons down–not for the split-second tap to skip tracks–but nothing works. It just goes ahead or back a track. Volume stays the same.

Any solutions out there? Or are my SoundBuds just defective?

The fact the buttons still physically working because the buttons respond to track skipping, implies the problem rests with something changed with your paired device. Did you do anything to change settings, upgrade, different application in the paired device? (phone, whatever).

DO the usual turn everything off / on and unpair buds and repair an attempt to reset.

Tries the unparing, paired again. Will further investigate my $%#ing phone! :slight_smile: Thanks…

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