Soundbud Tags - Producing no sound at all

I have a pair of Soundbud Tag bluetooth in ear headphones. Up until recently they have been great, however the other day in the midst of listening to a podcast all the sound went.

They now do not produce any sound at all, not even the beeps when turning them on or off. The lights come on when they are turned on, it connects and pairs fine to my iPhone, but produces no sounds. I have charged them up fully.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @si.childs,
Sorry to hear that the Tags are not providing any sound. Please reach out to with your order information and they’ll be happy to assist you with a warranty replacement if needed.


@TechnicallyWell Thank you for your reply! Really appreciate it. @si.childs Sorry to know there is no sound from the Soundbuds. From the description, the earbuds should be defective. We are happy to help you with the exchange and we already contacted you via the email. Please check our reply in your email.


Just wanted to say a massive thanks to the Anker Support people, who have very efficiently sent me out a replacement set of ear buds.

Thanks very much!


Hey, I am having the same problem. I even tried resetting it and I tried turning up the volume on the earphones but still nothing. Is there are an unknown mute option that I enabled? Please help

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