Soundbud slims not paring with laptop


I’d appreciate some help pairing my soundbud slims with my new laptop, they simply won’t connect and I get the message “We didn’t get any response from the device. Try connecting again”. I feel like I’ve tried everything so hoping you can help!

For background info:

  • My headphones have no issue connecting to my phone (Samsung) and old laptop (HP)
  • My new laptop (ASUS) has no problem connecting to my TV, phone etc…

With my new laptop I have tried the following:

  • I have updated all audio drivers
  • Windows 10 is up to date (there are no pending updates, or any requiring a restart etc…)
  • I have reset my soundbud slims and tried pairing multiple times
  • I have unpaired my soundbud slims from my old laptop and from my phone and it still will not connect to the new laptop


Such pairing problems have been discussed often.

You should do some research here
by using the magnifier at the upper right corner.

You may also use the forum from soundcore :

There exists older version of Slim which has Bluetooth chips too old to work with newer laptops. Search here or the other community it was mentioned recently.

bluetooth is downward compatible!
I run all my speakers ( bt-version 4-5 )
under an old Laptop ( bt - version 2.1) - >
Works perfectly.

But I use LINUX, WIN10 should do the same, but “WHO EVER KNOWS” :joy:

Not true.

There are profiles within versions. You can have a profile set a laptop needs which a device doesn’t support.

So how would you interprete this?


That’s hardware.

Profiles and then codec also must overlap.

Too new cannot overlap too old if they don’t share profiles in common. The Bluetooth version is not the entirety.

If it’s a profile issue it usually manifests as poor quality as each side retreat to ever older profiles but can mean simply doesn’t work. Profiles and codecs sit more at the device driver level, version more at hardware. So you can have a software upgrade break what used to work.

Ok now I got you. :grinning:

There is something to read about

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