Soundbud slim not entering pairing mode

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Just brought a sound bud slim and it paired well out of the box. I thought of charging it for a while so I used the cable that came along with the box and charged it on laptop. After detaching,the soundbuds are not entering pairing mode.holding onto the power button for more than 10sec is giving me solid blue light and no entering the flashing blue paint mode as suggested in the manual. Tried holding the two volume keys, no go … I have tried unpairing it from my mobile but now I can’t pair it again. Please help

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Email if they don’t follow what the manual says they should do.

Not sure of the exact reset procedure on these headphones but try holding down the power and volume up or volume down for about 5 seconds.

I would also try another cable and a more powerful wall charger. It is possible that the headphones just have a low battery.

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Sorry to hear that. It seems that you have already reached out to our customer service. Please check your email inbox for their reply.

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I have a similar problem. The soundbuds entered pairing mode automatically for the first use and I could pair my phone with no problem. I now would like to pair them with my laptop as well and there is no way I can get them into pairing mode. What should I do?

The Slim when you turn on you hear a sound in the ear, if its solid light then its connected, if flashing it is in pairing mode.

Two methods to get to pairing mode.

Turn off the Bluetooth, or be distant from, the last connected device, the Slim will then entering pairing mode automatically when turned on.

Turn on the Slim and press and hold vol up and down for a few seconds.