Soundbud slim+ left ear low volume

I have a pair of Soundbud Slim + earbuds and have recently started noticing that during long bicycle rides…like 4 hours +, the left ear will get quieter. Recently, this happened again and I stopped and checked with both ears and the left side is quieter and I checked the battery strength and was at about 60%. When I got home and charged them up to about 80%, I found that the left ear was working at a normal volume. So, I’m going to assume that both sides have battery in them and that it’s likely the left side battery is failing hence the low volume. Has anyone experienced this? I know it’s not an ear wax issue or a cable issue because as I said, it works fine with a fully charged battery and that it only happens after running the battery down to about 60%. These are no more than 7 months old.

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You may be getting sweat into the headphone. I don’t know about you but one of my ears is shaped a little differently than the other, it isn’t enough to be noticed, but it can cause one headphone to play normally while the other lowers in volume due to getting sweat in it. When that happens I usually just use my equalizer to balance the low volume driver to a more proper volume so that the earphones are playing the same.

I guess that may be possible but the plus version is ipx7 waterproof. Also, it really seems that when fully charged,the left ear works as expected.

I thought that waterproof headphones couldn’t be affected like that when I got my first pair, but remember, when an ipx7 speaker has water on its drivers it won’t sound right, headphones are affected the same way. But if they don’t do that when they are charged you may want to reset them. If the problem persists you may want to contact Anker support.