Soundbud Slim and Powercore

So I travel a lot and what I like to do is minimize the physical size of all my luggage so I never check a bag on a flight, I can checkin/out hotels fast with little to pack, and I can handle more calmly anything which can happen.

I just got back from a move-a-lot trip and I found an annoying “bug” combination between two Anker products, which has arisen often in other combinations.

The Soundbud Slim buds are one of my faves because I can keep around my neck using the magnets, and when in the ear does a good sound blocking job for flights, very good BT distance/reliability connection, and I keep around my neck for the “find each other” Uber task.

I have a lot of Powercores, the Mini+, 10000, 5000 Slim, 26800.

The problem is the buds only like the Mini+. A case in point is the 26800 would shut its port off and not fully recharge the buds. Similar problem with the 10000. It seems only the Mini+ will keep its port on to get the buds to fully recharge.

I was sat in an aircraft seat waiting for the buds red light to turn off, then press the 26800 power button, repeat, repeat, repeat, until the buds light turned blue.

This means I have to carry a Mini+ for the next 4 move-a-lot trips to recharge the buds.

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Used my 5000 Slim and PC 10000 several times to charge either my Slims or Life, never noticed an issue. Once charged I can reconnect and get the red charging light for 1-2 minutes (as expected) but then it goes blue for fully charged.

I take it, it’s not cables at fault :wink:

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I think this is common when using the larger power banks with smaller devices with small batteries like earbuds, smaller iPods (like the nano) and Bluetooth ear pieces. Likely not enough resistance for the power bank to realize that the smallish battery still needs to be charged. Anker states that many of their power banks (seemingly high current/capacity) will not work with certain devices:

This is from the PowerCore 13000 description:

• Compatible with the new 12 inch MacBook, 2015 (USB-C cable needed),
Apple and Android smartphones, tablets (including the Nexus 7) and other
USB-charged devices EXCEPT for the iPod nano, iPod Classic, HP
TouchPad, Dell Venue 11 Pro, some Asus tablets, GPS and Bluetooth

I’ve also found this with a few other non-Anker power banks when trying to charge for example, a bluetooth hands-free headset. The power bank will simply shut off like the headset battery has already been fully charged when in reality, it is NOT charged.

It’s likely the greater than 1A output (2A - 2.4A) that your other power banks (besides the Mini+) are outputting. The Mini+ outputs 1A max and is likely the reason why it works with the smaller battery of the sound buds.


Yes that is my thinking, larger Powercore for larger devices, smaller Powercore for smaller devices. But that means I have to carry TWO Powercore to cover from my small to my large devices, so that 26800 with its 3 output ports is not a complete answer.

It is therefore somewhat dumb of Anker.

Even if they, say, had 1 port which was tuned for lower power, would help with this problem. They used to do that (I think) with the 1A and 2A output ports.

ok, can you use BT devices on flights?

Yes of course, but if I mute the left bud the plane suddenly goes around in circles.

So top safety tip is to keep in stereo when landing.

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[quote=“nigelhealy, post:6, topic:54316, full:true”]
but if I mute the left bud the plane suddenly goes around in circles. [/quote]
LOL…and never reaching it’s destination either.

I had this issue with my old Anker power bank, don’t remember which it was because as I mentioned in other threads I ran it through the washer killing it. But what I did do was use a splitter so I can have two cables coming off the battery pack so I can charge my phone and Bluetooth headset at the same time. Coincidentally it also allowed me to just charge the Bluetooth headset on it’s own, this is assuming it provided enough resistance for the battery pack to stay on. Maybe give the dual USB splitter a try?

This is the cut-off threshold feature that will turn off when phone is charged. However, the slim draw too little power. each device has a different cut-off threshold though. It is recommended that you charge your slim with wall charger. but that’s too inconvenience as well.

I was wondering if the bad reviews from consumers of ear buds were from using 2 amp not 1amp chargers after some time

If your phone supports OTG, you can charge your soundbuds with your phone. Just use a micro to normal usb otg adaptor. Then plug in your charging cable.

The power bank to support sound buds but it did not show the full charge when it switched off. I had the big problem when I was inserting the charger, and my touchpad has become not responding. I had share this issue on They give me suggestion to change the charger when using sound bud

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