Sound volume difference between L and R speakers

I just paired a new set of soundcore Spirit X earphones, the right side volume level is ok, but the left side is almost minimum. How do I fix this? thanks for any help!

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Do you have the same behaviour on more than one device? If so it sounds like a hardware failure (possibly inside the left earbud or the cable connecting). You could try a reset by pressing the volume +/- buttons but generally this just resets the pairing records.

If you are still having issues after trying on another device and/or the reset I would recommend you reach out to for assistance under your warranty :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s quite normal on generic stereo equipment for there to be a right bias in sound n volume.

This is more due to the way we listen, than a fault. We tend to listen more with our right ear than left…

To compo for this, I’ve often altered the balance in SLIGHT favour of the left … So if 0.0 is perfect balance, you want to change it to 1 o’clock on a rotary dial balance so there’s slightly less right volume.

Plus when mixing a lot bias right with the prime vocals n instruments, and the rest on left.

What app do you use for music?

Also check, you haven’t set to mono sound as it will obvs affect sound. Check your Bluetooth settings.

I had the same problem with a pair of Motion+ bluetooth speakers. I finally swapped them so that the quieter one became the ‘master’ (the one I plugged the source into) and the problem went away. Have not swapped them back yet so I am not sure where the problem really is, but you might try pairing the quieter earpiece with your source and then link them and see what happens.


I should say the problem was reduced rather than “went away”. It is still slightly to the right. I plugged a set of earphones into the exact same source. It sounds perfectly centered in the earphones. I really wish there was a balance adjustment in the Soundcore app to center it, whatever the underlying reason for the perceived imbalance.

Well, I just realized your earphones are not separate earpieces, but act as a single headset. So you can’t do as I suggested. Sorry.