Sound issue at low level input with SoundCore 2


I have a sound quality problem when the speaker is set at high level and that my input signal is at low level, especially auxiliary input that is the one I want to use:

The sound is very noise and the level seems completely muted at times. The rendering is practically inaudible.

Here is a link where I put an audio recording of the problem:

Do you have the same issue ?

Thank you

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What happens when you put the levels on contrary?
The speaker signal is low and output signal of the source is high.


It is better but my Anker is plugged on a audio USB interface with volume knob i would like to use instead of the speaker volume buttons.

It is why i would like to let the SoundCore at a high level…

I am trying to find the good compromise between my input level and my speaker level, but i would like to be sure that there isn’t a problem with my speaker (i just bought it).

Never tried it that way (aux connection)
But there may be others here using the speaker this way.

By the way I use my speakers (bt connected) at high level at the speakers and adjust these via the bt source (Laptop LINUX mint).
All is fine.


After discussing with Anker, they tell me that the speaker was defective.

So i returned it and bought a new one, and…:

I immediately did a simple test:

  • I turned on the speaker (not connected in USB)
  • plugged in my smartphone via the auxiliary jack (other smartphone and other audio jack cord as those used with the first speaker)
  • set the volume of the speaker to its maximum
  • set the volume of my smartphone a weak level

Unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem: the sound is bad and very noisy.

I just noticed that my link in my first message was not good. This is a corrected link where you can hear the problem, for instance with the file uphoria 3-12 anker max.

To have correct rendering I have to diminish the volume of the speaker to about Max-5 and increase the volume of my smartphone a little.

What do you think ? Will I still have a defective model or is this behavior identical on all the products of this model?

If SoundCore 2 owner’s could quicky test their speaker…

If it is a normal behavior due to the manufacture of the product, are there orhers models that does not present “this defect”? I am looking for a speaker for my laptop to use mainly auxiliary, powered in USB, stereo and with a sound at least as good as the soundcore 2 (when the fault is not present;)).


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I have the same problem. The sound is really bad with low level. At first I thought it was the cable but i try with 3 different cables and was the same. “Stairway to heaven” sounds terrible bad in the first minute.


I juste listen to it and yes, it is terrible :expressionless:

It’s ok for me with volume max “-5” and my source higher but i’m always asking if all SoundCore 2 units have this issue or not…