Sound Guys: Zolo Liberty $99 Review

Not a great write up from the Sound Guys. They have highlighted lots of the same issues uses here have found with both the Liberty & Liberty+

I do hope Zolo can get these made better quickly because they will get hurt if this carries on.

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I have to disagree with a lot of what they said in that article, but my experience has been a lot different than theirs given I have the liberty + with bluetooth 5.0

You would be surprised at how much of a difference the bluetooth type makes in terms of connections. I will be writing my review after some more testing. But so far it had been great, and I do Not have any hissing sound like they claim in that review

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I would have to agree with your Bluetooth assessment as mine has been outstanding with my Bluetooth 5 device. Haven’t had any drop in signal myself except for when I cover the right or left bud with my hand for a few seconds. I can even go downstairs and it takes about 10 seconds for the first dropout. Now for the hissing, it is always there for me when the earplugs are at minimum volume and I have to increase the volume to cover it up.

I have tested the Lag in video on the Liberty plus. I use the Kodi application to watch youtube videos as it allows you to correct for audio lag for each video and the offset is less than 1/4 second in all tests that I have done. My standard wired earbuds have a .1 offset themselves with streaming media.

I just realized that I had the transparency mode activated and when I disabled it the hissing stopped. This feature is not on the original Liberty though so I cannot comment on the noise they heard

Yea in transparency mode I wouldn’t so much call it hissing but the amplification of white noise and your surroundings. But yea I tested mine at low low levels and still no hissing. Maybe it’s just the regular zolo earbuds or they have a defect