Sound core refuses to connect to Chromebook

I was very happy when I first connected my sound core to my Chromebook. Then I paired it to my Android phone. So far, so good. Now, however, it refuses to re-pair with the Chromebook (Asus Flip). The ONLY device it will speak to is the Android phone. Believe me, I’ve tried everything: unpairing the phone; pairing the Chromebook (it says it’s connected but the audio does not stop on the laptop, or show up on the Sound Core). Holding down the BT pairing button the Sound Core for 2 seconds. Nothing works. I’m very disappointed, as I now have a speaker that will only work with one device.

Any ideas?

IT takes 3 attempts with my Toshiba Chromebook 2. Keep clicking on connect it works eventually. Turn BT on/off to help.

IT’s Chromebooks fault I have the problem across different BT products.


Please disregard. I have now realised that there’s an ‘audio settings’ thing on the Chromebook, which allows you to switch the sound output between the internal speaker and a bluetooth source.
What an idiot I am…

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Your not an idiot for admitting this problem that many others have or will have but rather a teacher for others! :sunglasses:
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