Sound Core Q30

Just got the Life Q30 headset. With ANC on, I cannot hear myself talking. Others on the call can hear me great, but to me, I sound like my mic is not on. Support says its not designed to hear yourself in ANC. Anyone else have this issue and figured out a way fix it?

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I think you answered your own question. I do not use many of my headsets for phone calls.

With you calling the service department, you have probably already gave them info of your situation. If they feel that there is a need they will or should make change to improve that function.

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The product is behaving exactly as the physics suggest.

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Use a different headset :man_shrugging:

This is working as designed, and it is how many ANC headphones I’ve used have worked. It bugs me, too, sometimes on phone calls, so I usually just move the left cup off of my ear slightly so I can hear my own voice.


That’s a pragmatic solution!
I like it Ryan, really “old styled” :laughing:

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I have a pair of Q35s, and I switch to transparency mode when I get a call or use for meetings.

I too found that with anc, I didn’t get the feedback on how loud I was talking, as I couldn’t hear my voice.

One benefit of the 35s is a quick transition to and from modes on the right ear cup. I suspect the 30s would require a button press.

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