Sound core Pro no sound at all

My soundcore pro is not even a week old. It was working fine last night but when I turn it on now I get no sound at all. Not even the power on sounds or the beep when Bluetooth connects. It is fully charged. I’ve tried everything I can think of…reset my phone, tested my Bluetooth with another speaker. Everything else seems fine…no sound at all from the soundcore makes me think it is the speaker itself.

Is there any way to reset the soundcore? The manual that comes with it isn’t very in depth…i purchased it at Walmart, guess I’m going to have to return it.

now that I think about it, the speaker was having a small issue that might be related. When switching from song to song, the audio output would stop. I would have to stop the song and restart it for the sound to come from the speaker again. But this wasn’t an every time thing, just on occasion.

Hi @Mark_Church , it sounds like you covered the main troubleshooting steps. As it is less than a week old I would recommend you return to your place of purchase for a replacement. Failing that you are welcome to email for further assistance.

Same thing for me! After one week I have no sound at all, not even when turning on or off. I can see it is connected to my phone and it will actually control my phone by using the play button on the Anker,…but no sound. I guess I’ll return it and give it one more try.

Same thing happened to me. Worked for a few hours on the first day but spotty bluetooth connection (sound would cut out when trying to switch songs or fast forward to a certain part of the song). Now the unit will not play any sound via bluetooth or aux cable.

  • Emailed anker support and they offered a full refund instead of a replacement unit as they say they claim the soundcore pro is out of stock after black friday/cyber monday. That sounded like a small lie, as they usually offer replacement and on amazon it shows as in stock… so i wonder if there’s an issue with this product like a serious design flaw. I’m asking for a full refund and will buy a portable speaker from a more reputable company like JBL after this poor experience.