Sound core boost turns off automatically and cracked sound at high volume


My name is Mebin Devasia.

I bought a new anker sound core boost before one year. From the bottom of my heart, i can say this speaker amazed me, my friends, and everyone who heard music from this cute stuff. We were enjoying life with it. But for the last two weeks it is showing some serious problems.

  1. Problem started with turning off the device suddenly.

Device turns off automatically while it is showing full four levels of charging. If it turned on again it will play around 3 or 4 minutes on an average and get turned off again.

  1. It is charging and discharging very fastly.

Sometimes it may show full four level charge, or it maybe 2 or 3. When i put it on charger it may get full within minutes.

  1. Now the condition is like it will turn off completely if i remove charger cable.

  2. If I play music by connecting a charger, sound gets cracked at above 70 % volume.

I don’t what to do now, and right now i am seriously broken myself of this situation. Because this product was a part of life. My friends are also sad of it. We loved it that much.

(I have done firmware update, tried playing on different phones)

Please help me to solve out this problem. I will follow whatever you say to solve this, because this is awsome supercool speaker i have ever seen.

I hope you will consider my request.


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Hey @Mebin_Devasia
Welcome aboard the community.
Have a look around the different categories and threads, you’ll find a lot of friendly helpful people here sharing their experiences and knowledge of Anker products.

I also have this speaker and love it too.
I’m no expert but it sounds like the battery could be faulty.

You could try a reset on the device, you do this by holding the power and bass up button for 5-6 seconds.
It should turn off then on again and the battery lights flash. Maybe that will help.

Has anything changed to your charging set-up?
Are you using the same cable and charger as when it was working ok?

This speaker has an 18month Anker warranty.
Have you approached the retailer for help?
If your retailer won’t help you can register a warranty claim here;

Or email Anker direct here;

Please let us know how you get on :+1:t2:

I wont get the warranty, so that i have decided to repair it my self. Can anyone tell what is the problem actually it is? Which part of the speaker should be changed? Battery or protection board on battery??