Sound Core 2, turning on on its own

I have a sound core 2, and in the last month, it started acting strangely. When I turn it off, it will just turn back on in a minute completely on its own. I dont know what to do, to stop it from doing this?
Any recommendations?

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Hi @Filip_Smrekar_Apih, there are a couple of things you could try to determine if this is a hardware fault or possibly just a settings glitch.

  • reset the speaker by press/hold the power button for around 8sec
  • update the firmware for the speaker to the latest revision

If both of the above fail to resolve its possible there might be a lose connection inside which is causing power on fault, at which point I would suggest you reach out to for assistance under your warranty. Include your troubleshooting steps taken, serial and place of purchase to speed things up.


I am facing the same problem.
It’s very irritating.
It keeps requesting to pair with my phone.
Btw, how many months warranty does Anker cover the soundcore 2?
I bought mine from Anker official store on Ali express last year.

AliExpress has it’s own warranty which is different from Ankers. In order for them to sell on that platform all vendors must adhere to AliExpress warranty guidelines. But reach out to and provide your order number, serial number and the issue you are having