Sound Core 2 not working properly (FIXED)

Final edit: I held down the power button for 5/7 min non stop and it the light turned white and is working properly, thank you all for the fast replies and helpful comments, much love to you all.

Hello I have contacted support but I just can’t wait.
My SC 2 will not connect to my phone, the power button is constantly red and i cant turn it off/on the bluetooth button will not come on no matter what. I unpaired the device from my phone and now i cant even find the device it does not show in bluetooth devices. I hope someone can help thank you in advance.

Edit: I also tried using an aux cable to play music but no sound came out of the speaker.
Edit 2: The light will not change no mater how long i charge it, I connected it to my PC and it said “the device is malfunctioning and is not recognized” (picture included)


Is the SC fully charged?

Does your phone support BT 4?

Have you tried using a lead n going direct?

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I have it charging right now and is still not responsive, I have the samsung galaxy a5 2017 and it has BT 4.2. I don’t understand the last question, english is my native language.

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Don’t know if this helps but if you go into settings and click on forget Bluetooth profile and reconnect again it might help or try using a different power cord

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Try to remove the speaker from the bt list of your phone. If it doesn’t show up on this list reconnect it.
Please tell us what happens. We are all here to help.
You never stay alone !


i am using a different power cord right now it has been charging for about 2/3 hours the light should have changed to white by now but no such luck. I cant even turn the device on so i cant even connect

Daft question… Did it come with a charger?

If not, is the charger you’re using powerful enough?

it did not come with a charger only a cable witch I do not have at the moment :frowning: I am using my phones charger 5V = 2A which according to the manual is the correct power output.

Hi @igor_karbev,
Support will definitely be able to help you out with a replacement if needed. In the meantime, what type of phone are you trying to pair to the SoundCore 2?

hello I read the the warranty and it only mentioned products bought from eBay or Amazon, I bought mine from the official Aliexpress store and live in Macedonia, so i don’t know if that is a problem in any way.
I am trying to pair my Galaxy A5 (2017) but i still cant find the device

Good to know your problem has solved finally!