Sound core 2 call volume low on Google Pixel 2

I just got the sound core 2 after using the original sound core till the rubber was wearing off the buttons.

The music sound is great. The volume on a call, not so much. Its low. People can hear me fine, but the sound is very low on my end.

I have tried rebooting the phone (hard reset. Power completely off), adjusting the call volume in the phone settings. Adjusting the volume on the speaker (this adjusts the call volume).

So is there something I am missing, or should I return this one for a model that works better?

I’ve never had much luck with phone calls over any Bluetooth speakers/earbuds. It’s just not what there made for :man_shrugging:

Give this a try and see if it helps

From a Home screen, tap Phone Phone app icon (lower-left).
Note If not available, tap the Arrow icon Up arrow icon to display all apps then tap Phone app icon.
Tap the Menu icon, Action overflow icon (upper-right) then tap Settings.
Tap Calls.
Tap Voice Privacy to turn on icon or Switch off and see if that helps any. Also try adjusting the volume on the speaker itself separate from your phone


Good suggestions @Tank , adjustment of the volume direct on the speaker is often an overlooked one…

Voice privacy is off. I’ll turn it on and try that. Also, haven’t dug into the settings for calls before. Never had a reason. Thanks for opening up that new area…

The first generation was great at calls. That’s why I was a little irked at this happening.