Sound buds Tag connection issue

Hi what am I doing wrong I have a set of replacement earbuds and they sometimes drop the connection for no reason at all.
I can be walking and the connection will drop and come back as if it was a scratched record I am listening too.
Other times I will turn them off whilst I get on the bus and then turn them back on and I have to pair them back up again this happens at least once a day if not more
Today I was listening to the radio via Wi-Fi and every so often my earbuds stop working and I then have to mess about to get them working again.
Its not my phone as the old pair of buds worked fine and other things work fine over Bluetooth and my son has tried my new earbuds with his phone and it does the same thing.
flipping annoying as I love my earbuds and my anker powercore 20100 is also brilliant and I don’t want to buy another brand of earbuds


Contact Anker support and see if they can troubleshoot with you. If not, I’m sure they’ll replace it if it’s still under warranty. Their support is awesome! :slight_smile:

Hi @nialllove , as this is your second pair of EarBuds with an issue can you advise what phones you have used them on? I only ask as another community member had connection issue’s, which I believe could be due to compatibility between the phone OS version and the EarBuds.

As @Nhi has also mentioned you can also reach out to for further assistance.

Thanks @Nhi and @ndalby for help. Hi @nialllove, thank you for letting us know your concern! a customer service representative is following up your issue. We will contact you by email ASAP! Please check your email box these days.:grin:

HI My phones are the Samsung S7 which is three weeks old and my sons Oneplus 3t

So I guess they are both running Android 6.0 Marshmallow (which I believe another member had issues with for SoundCore speakers) and/or 7.0 Nougat?

Do you have access to a device with a different OS, such as Windows/MacOS computer or iOS / Android <6.0 to see if the issue is still present? Could be something as simple as compatibility with certain OS builds.

My s7 is running on version 7 not sure about the 3t as it is my sons
it cant be an android OS issue as my old soundbuds worked perfectly fine with my S7
I don’t have any other Bluetooth devices I could connect to with my soundbuds