Sound buds sport white noise

Anyone that own the sound buds spotlrt notice it produces a white back ground noise? Specially noticeable when you’re not playing any music or sound.

Any ideas?

I have a pair of SB10. They do produce white noise and it’s quite noticeable when it’s dead quiet. But I only use them in the gym so it doesn’t bother me. Although I hope Anker is able to fix this.

Yes it’s definitely not a problem when I’m playing music etc. Do you reckon it’s a software problem that can be addressed via an update or something?

Hi, I just got a pair of NB10’s and I get very noticeable white noise that starts and stops (with a slight pop) when doing different things on my phone (pixel XL). It appears to be constant during music playback, but is less noticeable due to the music playing.

Is there anything I can do to stop the white noise?


Hi @nik1,
Some white noise is normal for basically all Bluetooth devices, and the slight pop you hear is likely your device opening up the audio channel to play a sound (text notification, new email, etc). You may hear some white noise until the sound is done playing and then it may become less noticeable when your device closes the audio channel. This is also normal. But if you find it is bothering you too much, feel free to reach out to as they want you to completely happy with your purchase!