Souncore Vortex vs Life 2

I’m looking for some over-the-ear headphones and I saw the Life 2 on their website

But looking on Amazon, I can see the Soundcore Vortex. I can also see the Soundcore Space NC

Anybody knows the difference? Why is only the Life 2 listed on their website?

Thanks in advance.

Life 2 is the next iteration of Space NC (with better battery life).
I have not been able to find any info regarding the supported codecs on Life 2 (looks like AptX is still unsupported).
Anyways you can see the differences between Vortex and Space NC below. Please note that Vortex does support AptX.
I have both Vortex and Space NC and when NC is not needed I love the sound of Vortex. It is very very good :slight_smile:

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Life 2 can be found on Amazon, as well.

Thanks to both! I’ll consider the Life 2 I think.

I was thinking about posting a Life 2 review on here but wasn’t sure how to do it. I haven’t used any other over the ear headphones so have nothing to compare to but one of my friends has a Bose and other has a $20 Walmart headsets so might try and compare those before I post a review. Hopefully I can find some time to do it in the upcoming week since classes just started yesterday for me

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Your Life 2 review will be very much appreciated here.
Can you please post the Life 2 box pictures as well. I’m trying to see the codec support for Life 2.

Yea sure. I was planning on pictures as well just need to think of the structure.

Can’t wait to see your life 2 review! :wink:

I’d love that review as well, especially compared to the Bose!

I promise I will write the review. Just a matter of when because I need to test the Bose out as well

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Any long-term reviews of Life 2 guys?

I haven’t been able to. My friend (who has the Bose QC) and I have been busy with school and finals