Souncore pairing

the bluetooth audio renderer keeps popping up and disappearing in the list of playback devices in windows 7. it also periodically mutes and unmutes the audio.

Which model of speaker are you using?

Windows is known to have issues with Bluetooth as their updates messes with the Bluetooth drivers. Your best bet is to find the manufacturer of your specific Bluetooth card and go to their website and download their updated Bluetooth drivers. Do NOT rely on Microsoft update to find the Bluetooth drivers as it generally just gives you a generic driver that will still have the same issue


the soundcore

i just got this bluetooth dongle and it should be up to date so i dont know

Okay, so soundcore is a brand. They have a lot of different models of speakers. For example I have the soundcore flare. Do you have any idea what brand your is?

its just the rectangular one with buttons on top. also do you have any idea what bluesoleil is for? it came with the bluetooth dongle i got but it has a 2mb data limit and wants me to renew it but i literally cant.

Okay so I would recommend deleting your Bluetooth driver on your PC and installing a new one. Has tank stated, windows has a lot of problems with Bluetooth and WiFi connections…

Not sure about your other question.

the prob is the driver for the dongle breaks it and it only half works without it. so im guessing the dongle sucks? and comes with pre expired software to make it unusable it seems… i dont even know

cause i tried reinstalling and restarting n stuff

any way thanks for help just gonna return this thing and use it aux wise, works fine with phone.

Doesn’t your PC have built in BT?

Also, Anker makes a Bluetooth adapter you could try…

no ;/ which is lame thought it did for years

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you can use that on pc?

Ok, blusoleil is the driver and it can be updated as that’s what I use for ine if my Bluetooth dongles… The problem is is that it’s a China adapter and they don’t always work. So, what you need to do is either get a name brand Bluetooth adapter or get the one Andrew mentioned that Anker sells.

Also, for future reference you can edit your post and combine them into one instead if creating a new post every time you want to reply, especially when no one has replied in between your post

any suggestions of name brand dongles besides the anker, searching for them on amazon only seems to bring up shotty ones

I would get This one

is there a way to turn off the blue light? the way im using it makes it so its facing me so im just putting something infront of it. its just a light to indicate if its connected to anything.

No there’s no way to turn it off, you can always dab a sharpie on it to dim the light a bit or put tape over it