Souncore liberty air

Hi! I’ve been using my liberty air for almost 3 months. And now the left bud is not working. I did reset it 5 times but still doesn’t have sound. I bought it at USA but now I went back home to Philippines. :—(

What reset method did you try? There are two methods depending on when your liberty air were manufactured. Method one and method two.

Try whichever one you haven’t used yet, and let me know what happens

Hi there! I’ve tried doing those resetting steps (both 1 and 2) but still the left but has no sound.

You might get more traction on the soundcore collective. Go here to sign up!

Very strange. Next check the charging receptacles on both the left bud, and the left charging case slot. Check them for any dirt or lint etc. that could be preventing them from charging properly.

If all else fails you can contact soundcore support at

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@TechMan post up what I told you to do, it might help this user. I’m on the road so cant post it up

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I remember you helping me out with the reset methods, but I already shared both of those.

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The method I messaged you on the other forum, which is different than the two you posted

Lol I totally forgot about that. Here it is

Try putting them back into the case, press and hold down the control button until they turn off. Then remove the left earbud and then the right, if they dont turn on tap and hold the control on left first and then repeat for the right. Once they connect to eachother try to pair to your phone

Good luck!

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