Souncore Flare x Audio-Technica LP60 Bluetooth help

I bought a new Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker with a new Audio-Technica LP60 Bluetooth Turntable. I am pretty sure they are paired as the LP60 has a solid blue Bluetooth light and the Flare has a solid white Bluetooth light. However, I hear no sound whatsoever. I tried connecting headphones directly to both devices and still hear no sound. I then tried to pair the Flare to my Windows 10 computer but that does not work either.

Have you tried to connect other speakers via blutooth to the turntable.
Have you tried to connect via AUX?
What about the volume of the FLARE?

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I suggest you to download the soundcore app and update the speakers firnware. This will also reset the speaker so you can try to pair it to your phone and see how it olays there. Then if you choose to pair it to other devices you can. But do the update first

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Hi @leealan82,

Can the flare connect successfully with your phone?