Souncore connectivity

The soundcore add NFC to their devices, it will improve user experience and I think this thing can compete with airpods connecting way.

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What soundcore device(s) do you have?

I have several, and they all connect instantly- just as fast as AirPods.

There are many products they offer.
Please tell us a little bit more.
Thank you.

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I have Liberty air and neo and soundcore 2. Actually am saying tap NFC connection instead of Bluetooth .

The OP is referring to having NFC for faster initial pairing via tapping…the SoundCore Select is the only model I can recall which has NFC thus far…

My point is you don’t really need NFC for super fast connection speed…

The Boost also has nfc

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iPhone got NFC since iPhone6, but sadly they don’t support NFC BT pairing.