Souncore 2 updated unable to stereo pair

Hi i bought these via Amazon with the promise ithey would pair using the app. When i installed the app it didn’t list these devices. Have i i wasted my time and will i have to return and leave a bad review?

Soundcore 2 is not listed for suppoon Soundcore App nor can it pair with another Soundcore 2 device.

Can you please provide more details on what you referred to before buying the product, believe there may have been misunderstanding or confusion. There are other Soundcore products which support the app.

You may reach out to Anker Support to get further assistance, they have best customer support and warranty.

Also, return to Amazon may be another option, if you feel so.

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I can not find anything in the description of that speaker about “stereo pairing”.
This is a model without that feature.
Where did you see that, telling you that “stereo pairing”
is possible with the model soundcore 2 ?

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According to the Amazon description, it looks like the SoundCore 2 was upgraded in a recent iteration to support wireless stereo pairing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an updated manual with the new instructions, but I assume you would hold down the Bluetooth button on the first speaker for 3 seconds, then tap the Bluetooth button on the second speaker and see if they can find each other. @Peader, if you still have trouble, feel free to reach out to and they’ll be happy to help you with this!

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@Peader As mentioned by @TechnicallyWell it depends whether you received the ‘upgraded’ Soundcore 2 or the original model (which does not support TWS).

App support is still not present for the upgraded version but you can normally activate stereo pairing your first speaker to your phone or audio source, press the BT button again on the connected speaker until you have a rapidly flashing BT light, put your second speaker into pairing mode and they should connect to each other.

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