Souncore 2 bluetooth connection problem

I bought a Soundcore 2 bluetooth speaker about 5 months ago and it was working perfectly fine. However, in the last month I’m having the following problem: when I pair the speaker with any device (phone or PC), first it connects but then it automatically disconnects and the blue light keeps flashing erratically. Once this happens I can no longer do anything and have to turn off the speaker. Since this happened the first time, the speaker can’t maintain the connection for longer than 20 seconds which means it is pratically unusable.
Any suggestion or information will be very much appreciated.

Have you tried to delete the bt lists from all devices you are connecting the speaker to and do a reconnection after?

Or better delete all bt list from all devices
and do a reconnection to only one device.


Thank you, this seems to work! I actually did have a very extensive Bluetooth connection list so I was really needing some cleaning.
Thank you once again!

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Actually, it did work for a few minutes but now I’m back to the same problem again… Basically, it connects but then it automatically disconnects and is constantly trying to connect again and again, unsuccessfully. This seems to be a Bluetooth connectivity problem in this specific unit.
Is there anyway I can do a hard reset to the speaker?

What is the device you are connecting to at the moment?
There is a hard reset I suppose ( im not sure) pressing the on/off and the
bt- button for > 10 sec

I’ve tried it with my android phone (Huawei PSmart 2019) and also my Lenovo laptop… the same problem in both of them
The hard reset you proposed doesn’t appear to work. I pressed them for about 15 sec and then it lights a red light for about 5 sec and it’s it… Still have the same problem

I am not sure that pressing these buttons will do a hard reset at this speaker.
Could be others differs from model to model
Do searching by using the magnifier at the upper right top.
And you could contact the support as well.
They are more specialized in those issues, :grinning:

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That’s what I’m going to do.
Thank you for the help anyways!

And how do I do that? I can’t find any correct information neither in the user manual nor in this forum.