Sounbuds slim are Kind of Not connecting anymore but they are

I got my soundbuds slim arround march and been using them almost everyday but since 2 weeks the right ear bud where the bt connector is, is noticeable quiter then the left one.
When I try to connect them with my Phone the light bulp is constantly blue but When im playing music it just gets shut down, the bulp is off and I can’t interupt the bt Signal like before.

Maybe some of you guys know why or what i need to do, to get them working 100% again.

Thank you

Hi @Andrei_Varga , sorry to hear your having issues with your SoundBuds Slim product. If the right ear bud is lower in volume than the left ear bud I would think that there is either an internal wire break (between the earpiece and the BT control box) or an impending failure of the control unit. I would reach out to with your serial, purchase date and place of purchase to raise a warranty call.

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