Sounɗcore Vortex by Anker - first impression - short review

Sounɗcore Vortex by Anker

Wireless Headphones

What’s in the box ?

  • Sounɗcore Vortex and a Travel Pouch

  • User Manual, Happy / not Happy Card

  • Audio and Micro USB Cable


Up to 20 hours play time :sunglasses:
Full charged in 2.5 hours (input 5V / 0.5 A)
Built-in 500 mAh battery
Bluetooth 4.1
Weight - 294g.

in use:

Easy to pair.
If the Audio Cable is connected the bluetooth connection will turn off.
No use of the headphones possible while charging.
Once the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, the headphones will switch off after exactly 120 seconds.
The wearing comfort is good, but the ear padding could be a bit thicker.
The mounting of the ear cup is movable up and down / left and right so that it adapts to the ears.

audio quality and maximum volume:

I like it, the sound is well tuned and not overdone.
The Bass is enough.
The heights are clearly reproduced.
The max volume is higher via Bluetooth than via aux.

summary and suggestion:

A very good build quality, as it is known by Anker.
The sound quality is great.

For me, the padding could be a bit thicker.
The Sounɗcore lettering printed on top and on the sides only the sounɗcore ɗ would look good.

Nice first overhead headphone from Sounɗcore by Anker.


Thanks for sharing. The pictures look and telling us about the bass is good. Sometimes on the over-the-ear systems the bass is to much or to little. I find that the quality ones that have that perfect sound cost well over a hundred bucks.

I want to get a pair of these. But I just bought a nice wired pair of over the ears so I have to destroy those first.


I agree with @Element321 usually bass is he’d to get right for bluetooth over the ear headphones. It’s good to onow that it’s just right of course it’s subjective based in listening preferences. But, overall it’s good to know these are good enough to reproduce decent sound.

Great pictures, I love the case the included as it looks to be of decent orotection to be able to just throw in my bag and not have to worry about them breaking.

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Nice review and pics! I’m eager to try those, but they are not yet available in Canada…

I just bought a new Apple TV with the sole purpose to be able to watch TV without disturbing my newborn and my wife, and the Vortex would be perfect for it. I hope it become available soon for us up north.

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Just received my pair and pretty happy with them. Build quality seems good for the price, sound is good and digging the travel case. Do they support the aac codec, or is it only sbc and aptX? Was really hoping for aac codec support.

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Cheers for the review, they look and sound great.

Anyone got an xbox. Just wondering if these would double up as a headset either wired or via Bluetooth?

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Thanks for the review @pauldey , good pics too :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the review. I was waiting for someone to review these. Great pics and review. @pauldey How does it do for long wearing times? The problem I have is getting an earache if I use headphones for too long. And as for the fit, is it tight around the ears?

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Great review… thank you for sharing!

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how quick is the bluetooth connection for you, after youve paired them once?
for example on any regular day you want to take out the headphones and listen to music…do they seamlessly connect to your phone once you turn them on, or does it take some extra steps to get it connected for listening every day?

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Thank you for the review. It looks like a good start for the Soundcore brand.

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Great review and pics @pauldey thanks for sharing :grin:

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Thank you for your positive feedback :sunglasses:
If you have any suggestions, please tell me.

I have tried it with my Samsung smart tv and it works, some
Anker products have not worked in the past with a Samsung smart tv.

I agree with you, only the PU smell that covers the product has disturbed me at the beginning, but it has largely disappeared.

Two hours or more are no problem.
I think it always depends on head shape, head size and ear size, for me it is optimal.
Only the ear padding could be a little bit thicker for me.[quote=“pfizzle, post:10, topic:59984”]
how quick is the bluetooth connection for you, after youve paired them once?
It connects very fast and needs no extra steps. With my Huawei P10, if bluetooth is switched on on the mobile phone and the headphones will be switched on, they are already connected.


thanks for the review just wondering can the ear padding be replace?

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Bad idea, please do not try it, it seems to be fixed with glue.
@AnkerOfficial It would be good if you could change them.

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ahh thanks for the reply that’s one thing good to know since I had few headphones where the ear padding wore out over time but the headphone still work great. Just nice to have the option of replacing it

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