SoudnBuds Flow microphone volume

Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a set of Flow SoundBuds.
Thusfar I am loving them. But whenever I use them for a phonecall the reciepent often complains abouw the volume of the micophone sound. My voice is loud but the background sounds are reported to be just as loud (or sometimes louder), even if the sound is further away.

My question is: Does annyone know of a way to either reduce the microphone volume on the earbuds or via my android phone?

Sorry if this is a stupid questing or has no solution.
Thank you for your time.

There is NEVER a stupid question, only stupid answers. :smiley:

I dont have those buds, but there will be an answer from other members here.

But may be you could give us some more specifications.
What phone are you using?
What bt protocol is used by that phone… ect.

Thanks, will do.
Im using them on:
Phonemodel: Pocophone F1
Adroid v 9 PKQ1.180729.001

BT is running ACRCP v1.4
On 44.1kHz

Thank you, this may help other members to help you! :smile:

Made my day!

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