Sony’s Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones

New Headphones from Sony with Smart Noise Cancelling technology. Something to think about.
Obviously with a price tag $450

my mate has these and ive tried them they are very good… :smile: you get what you pay for.

@Ice1 have you tried them?

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Anker is known to give tough competition for the big giants offering near about or exceeding quality with lower price tag.
Hope to see something to beat this from Anker :slight_smile:

yes anker headphones are very good also and i do think give them a few years they will catch the big giants :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this is the right place to advertise for company’s other than anker…

I have the m2 of these and they are great would love to compare Anker headphones to them but can’t explain to my mom why I need a second pair of headphones when I spent so much on the first ones

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