Song control with Android and SoundBuds

Hello eveyrone,

I come to you today with a question. I have been used to iPhones for the past 10 years, and my recent switch to Android has raised an issue. I just found out a few days ago, while testing my SoundBuds Lite and Curve.

With iOS, a double-press on “PLAY” would skip to next song, and a triple-press would go back to the previous one.

I tried with my OnePlus 5 running Android 8.0, and these song controls are not supported. Do you know if it’s the normal behavior, or if it is supposed to work?

Thank you all for your help.

It should be your volume up/down buttons for track changing (holding 1 sec), the play button is for your voice assistant…


Wowo thank you for this tip. I just tried on my SoundBuds Lite, and indeed it works that way.
My google Assistant doesn’t trigger but I would not really use it anyway.

Thank you so much @ndalby

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