Someone stole my powercore

So I usually leave my batterypack charging while I work and grab it when on break. But sadly when it was break time I went to the break room and found that my powercore II 20k was missing. Everyone I work with knows it’s mine and leave it to charge until break time so they never mess with it. But I guess I was too trusting. I work with 4 people at night and none of them had it and I trust them because they had picked it up a few times when I had to leave early and gave it to me the next day.
Argh, I just wanna scream.
I Told the manager when they came in and they said they will check and find out who worked until midnight and ask around. So now I play the waiting game and hope whoever took it will return it


Arrrr man. That’s nasty. Hope someone has just picked it up to keep it safe for you.

It’s not nice at all when you can’t trust your colleagues :unamused:

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That sucks! So sorry to hear that! Hopefully the person was just “borrowing” it to charge their phone and will return it tomorrow.


Prob now is that you will be looking at work colleagues differently until you know the truth. Hope you get it back though.

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If you live in the states I’d send you one of the ones I have unopened here if you were willing to cover the shipping. :relaxed: Hope you find it if not just gotta be more careful I guess. Like k_pug2003 said its gonna change the level of trust you have with them now… :unamused:


I’m so sorry to hear that! -_-

Thanks everyone, I still have trust in my colleagues that I work with overnight…days side people not so much

@cava3395 Adrian, I appreciate the offer and I may have to take you up on that. I will let you know, currently waiting to hear back from the manager as they said they would call me or wait until I go into work tonight.

It just frustrates me to no end as I usually leave my phone or my backpack in a cart while I work and now I’m gonna have to keep a close eye on my stuff or just not bring it


Well I hope they find the culprit or hopeully someone just grabbed it thinking someone left it behind? :pray:

Odd because the career impact on current job of being a thief and then the reputation that follows them via informal communications is never worth the item’s value.

So whoever did it is an idiot.

They are more likely borrowed it and got distracted to return, so forgetful but not totally idiot.


The point is, you would think. DON’T TOUCH OTHERS BELONGINGS. :expressionless:


Agreed but it could be a misunderstanding of asking if can borrow, told yes you can then, then next time person not around to ask and the error then is assuming can borrow it again without asking again. So presumptive error.

It might turn up!

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Hopefully, like others have stated, it was just borrowed and will be returned to you. That is a bummer though.

Man, that sucks! Hope that you get it back. I have experienced somewhat the same situation when someone stole my watch. I really was pissed off. Not only that for the next few days I was really suspicious of my colleagues until I found it in my bookshelf. I felt bad.

That sucks. I’ve lost one I think someone stole it from my car when I dropped if off that the dealership for warranty work.

Are there any cameras in your office?:confused:

In our company, we can always find someone’s phone left on the meeting room, and we will contact receptionist to find the owner…:joy:

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So it turns out it was stolen, along with a bunch of other people’s stuff. There is no camera in our break room but there is one right outside in the kitchen department. They did find who took the stuff, but it’s not a direct employee of our store as it was the truck driver who delivers our product to the store. Management notified the shipping company and turns out he was fired earlier today because other stored also complained about stuff being missing. Im what suck is none of us is going to get our stuff back and this guy just lost his job and nothing else.

Argh, I hate people sometimes.:rage:


Wow, that totally sucks! I don’t know why people can’t keep their hands to themselves and not take things that don’t belong to them. I’m afraid those days are over. What a shame. :frowning:

Wow. What’s wrong with people??? I know it’s little consolation but at least he got caught swiftly and has paid a bigger price.

As for the PowerCore, you’ll soon pick up another through the Power User program

Yea I will never understand people’s need to steal.
I feel bad for the other people who’s stuff he took, one of my coworkers is an ederly lady who just got winter boots and she usually puts sneakers on when she gets to work. Well her boots were taken, another guys cellphone he had charging, he took food out of the break room pantry and also my batterypack. How he managed to get all of that out to the truck with no one noticing is beyond me.

But on the plus side, management has said no more truck drivers are allowed to come inside and wait for the truck to be unloaded. They have to sit and wait in their truck, and if they need to use the restroom they have to be escorted.

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Have the police been informed? Press charges. Bad background check process needs a bad manager to be improved.