Some problems which need fixing

Have generally been happy with the Eufy cameras but like others on this forum have a few issues which need resolution.

  1. Camera time and base station time differ. I know this has a work around by changing To a different time zone and back, but it should be fixed so we don’t have to do this.
  2. System should be recording events even though the Internet is down. Otherwise for those with an unreliable connection, the system is useless.
  3. We need to be notified by email or text if the servers are down, and not have to rely on someone to report it on this forum.
  4. There seems to be a lag between the schedule settings and camera recording. My cameras regularly record events sometime after they are supposedly disarmed according to the schedule. I generally disarm the cameras during the day to stop unnecessary recordings, but the cameras continue to record sometimes up to an hour after supposedly being disarmed.

So can we have some indication as to when these issues are likely to fixed or whether a work around is available? Overall great cameras and I have certainly recommended them to others, but they are not perfect and do require a bit more finnessing!

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