Some problems for my ZOLO liberty+

I bought my ZOLO liberty+ about one month ago. In that time, there are some problems that I wonder if it is because of fault my unit or it is the same for everyone:

  1. screeching lit. The metal lit seems very tough, but the hint does not seem to fit right. If I hold it in my hand and press down with my thumb, I can feel and hear the screeching.
  2. random reconnection. When I am running the bubs something disconnect and reconnect. (It was brief and they reconnect automaticly and fast so it is not that bad.)

I also have the zolo liberty +, I have not really experienced any type of inconvenience so serious at least for what you comment I have not had those same problems

Hello @Vo_Chinh_Nhan,

I haven’t really noticed any issues with the lid of the charging case. As far as the disconnects, when using the earbuds the left and right earbuds may occasionally disconnect from each other, especially if there is interference nearby (such as WiFi, other smartphones or Bluetooth devices, etc). I seem to notice this occurs more frequently outside rather than inside. If I go for a 30-minute walk, I would say it briefly occurs between 1-4 times during the walk. This seems to be the case for most of the wireless earbuds I’ve tested. If it occurs more frequently, please try carrying your phone on the other side of your body (for example, right pocket instead of left pocket) to see if it helps.
As always, feel free to reach out to for further assistance!


As @TechnicallyWell mentioned a few disconnects is expected to happen due to interference from outside factors and thus harder to avoid. Best practice I have found is to keep my phone on the right side of my body so It stays connected, then there is only the disconnects between earbuds due to water in the head…

The case on my first pair was a bit tight and I just kept opening and closing the case a handful of times until it loosened enough where it didnt bother me.


@Vo_Chinh_Nhan Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. Would you please contact ZOLO customer service at for more assistance? We will be glad to help you with a warranty regarding any quality issues.