Some people think that the Iphone 6 is better then the Iphone 7 what do you guys think?

Some people think that the Iphone 6 is better then the Iphone 7 what do you guys think?

Pfft, Go Android then you will have more than 2 choices :grin:

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I have iPhone 6 and I think it’s not worth upgrading to iPhone 7. May be I’ll wait for the newer version next year!

Then you have to deal with the system always crashing I have had a terrible android experience twice in the past. I just like my products to work and work good and Apple has always provided that wether it be my iPhone or my Macbook they always work and never need a restart they just seem to keep going.

@cava3395… I knew my reply would get a reaction,lol Sorry. and sorry for the hijacking I was just throwing a dig about the two choices, I wish we only had two with Android. We are all passionate about what and why we like our manufacturers, it’s all good. My reason is my wife and I have been using Android since it’s inception and before that we had Samsung flip phones and not one repair or break down. Not sure what you mean by system crashing because I cannot recall this ever happening, maybe you meant phone crashing. I use Ipad air for work and absolutely hate it… My sons Iphone 5s has been in twice now for repair but I still appreciate his ma s own choice. .

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Yeah I am not mad I just had a different experience with Android and therefore my choice has been to stick with iPhone since in my opinion it is a great phone but I do also think it is way overpriced lol thats why I never buy new and get them when people upgrade to the S models lol. :grin:

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Yeah I meant the phones Android system would periodically and at least once a week would crash and freeze needing a hard restart.

Go Android!!!

Android is the best!

I think the iPhone 7 is the phone to get if you don’t already have a 6 or 6S. Otherwise ride it out for the 7S or 8 to come along. The only negative in the iPhone 7 is the lack of a headphone jack, the phone itself is fantastic still.

I’m an Android guy so I’ll stick to my OnePlus device. It’s like the Apple of Android but way cheaper.

iPhone 7 for sure. I just love the water resistance since I swimmer and my iPhone 6 Plus battery is burnt out so I just upgraded.

In my opinion, the iphone 6 is a big change in term of screen size and design from the 5s. The 6s is a jump in term of speed and design features from the 6 (better aluminum material (no more bending), 3D touch, enhancements, etc.). However there is not much improvement in the 7 compared to the 6s. There is no way the 6 is better than the 7, unless someone is talking about prices.

The choice between Android and iphone is not simply about the hardware anymore. It is a choice of an ecology, imo. I cannot live without the reliability of imessage, and facetime on apple devices. Facetime Audio sound quality is super. Although Android devices are reasonable priced comapred to apple but Android apps are more expensive and notoriously asking for user information and users habits, and Google did very little to stop them.

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That’s why you don’t buy your phones from a carrier since they fill them up with bloatware.

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I’ve had Apple for about 4 years now. Any time I’ve tried Android I’ve been underwhelmed. The one phone that I used the longest that was Android was HTC Eris. Worked great! Hacked the junk out of it. But like others have said and this has been rehashed in too many ways but the OS crashed a lot on any phone and device I’ve used. Apple it HAS happened but not anywhere near as bad as Android.

Yes HTC , I Never had a crash. Only time my HTC has been restarted is for software upgrades 3 times in three years… earlier Androids were a bit more troublesome but if you get top of the line now there are no issues at all. Android TV box on the other hand crashes a lot but for a $50 HDMI unit and free TV I can live with a restart once a week. Never paid for an App either and have downloaded 45 free ones

It has been some decades since I needed help to keep my bottom clean, tie my laces, or eat.

Apple is all about simplicity, for those who want an integrated package.

I choose Android as I have more brain cells than the stars in the galaxy. My ability to learn and adapt is far in excess of Apple’s ability to do anything. As such I choose Android as it works and its foibles I can work around, using my brain. That brain lets me get a product which works for about $400 less typically, I use that $400 to buy other things, like food, or Anker products.

I see Apple as going to those basically who either have smaller minds, or more gullible.

Look at me walking, left foot forward, shift weight, right forward, shift weight, repeat, repeat. No an i**** anything. Wow.

The Apple fans:

make those cases for LG phones I as well as a lot of my friends prefer LG phonpes over the iPhone

The no headphone jack is really taking some time to get use to. You don’t think it’s a huge problem. But when you go anywhere and people want to listen to music, not everyone has bluetooth. Just a simple headphone jack. I was going on a fishing trip the other day, downloaded a 100 songs for the 10 hour drive. Started driving with my buddy he hands me the headphone jack and I pull out my iPhone 7 and damn… Long drive with the Radio. LOL

Apple wants you to buy a big Lightning to 3.5mm adapter instead of adding less than 1mm to the thickness of the phone

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And a drill to drill one in, lol

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