Some more US deals

We are not all seeing the same deals, there are overlaps but for example I see the twin pack speakers not others seeing.


Perfect x-mas presents… think I’m going to stock up on some of them wireless chargers

Great deal on the double pack of the SoundCore mini

Different deals are coming from different brands. This email you posted is from Soundcore, the one I posted is from ROAV

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that two-pack soundcore min 2 is a great deal. I may get a couple of those wireless pads for the family.

If you didn’t order I suspect too late it also said

“Rules: US only. Starts November 23rd, 00:00 AM PDT, 2018, and ends November 24th, 23:59 PDT, 2018”. It’s 25th now.

Great deals! Thanks for sharing!

I’m not all that worried. There will be more deals before long.

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