Some iOS apps sending an alarming amount of data to Facebook that most of the users are unaware of

I knew Facebook itself collects data, but I never knew all these other apps did. This is horrifying. I’m very glad I don’t have the Facebook app downloaded. I’m very ashamed of these popular apps being so deceptive. I’m especially ashamed of Apple for allowing this on iOS.

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Smh. I was told by a moderator posting articles was allowed/good, and anker recommends posting articles like this. I don’t know why everyone has to get upset about it. No one got upset yesterday when someone asked what everyone’s favorite music was.!.!!?!

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I was just kidding this time man. Sorry! I know you get a lot of grief. I try defending you. Just wanted a good laugh! Sorry!

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once again :joy: :joy: he defo wants to win the auction… :joy:


I definitely didn’t post articles before the auction :roll_eyes:

maybe you wanted to collect bucks for the auction…jokes :joy:

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Have I missed something here?! Lol

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My laptop screen was almost covered with a mouthful of lager reading this :laughing:


…did you know that at night it is darker than by day ? And sometimes also cooler …


No sounds like we need a new thread for that too.

We also don’t talk enough about cheese.


Lol you guys need to chill!

So that’s how Facebook makes money. Buying/selling of stolen data.
So glad to not have FB ever…
@AnkerOfficial please remove FB requirement for entry into testing events.


The thing is, they’ve always advertised to sell information, but Facebook is selling far more information than they admit.

Yes. FB collects even data of non FB members - each visit on a website with a FB logo leaves a trace - and is collected by FB. And after the reunion of FB and Insta we have a monster … like a dragon with multiple heads - no use to cut one off, two new ones will grow immediately …
And each media company - whether radio ,TV or Newspaper - ask their customers to give their comments via FB…

So FB knows what you think even before you think it …

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Hey that was me !

Yeah lol. There’s no problem with it. That’s my point.