Some interesting new Anker brand names coming

I always wanted a “BionicMind”

BionicMind trademark

I’d also say this

GaNPrime trademark


Is a newer name for Gan III as in the interview here.

So some 100W smaller chargers coming?

An interesting year for Anker?


Great researching @professor

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The wait looks over for GaNPRIME next week.

There’s no evidence Anker ever reads and agrees to our discusison here but I’d like there to be a removable plug to make it international and one of them to be a C8 port so you got one charger which works in EU, UK, US type plugs, is both wall charger and desk charger.

Fully expecting to be ignored again.

If they actually read, listened, they’d get more revenue as my idea means it can work in more places and costs pennies.

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