Some Good deals

I know this might be mentioned somewhere else, but I couldn’t seem to find this deal so…

Spirit X Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in Black for $25.99 at amazon (usually $40ish)

Soundcore Spirit Pro: $33 usually ($50ish)



Nice deals! Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about picking up a pair of soundcore earbuds sometime soon…


Good job posting this deal :+1:


Nice deal!

I love my Spirit X’s. Great for the gym or outside for yard work.

My wife took my pair so I had to buy another. And then she wanted one for the home and one for the office, so I had to buy another… :rolling_eyes:

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I have the earlier version of the spirit X, the soundbuds curve. They are my go-to earbuds. I even bought a set for my Dad. They’re awesome.

:cry: I lost my spirit X headphones. I don’t know where they are or even when I lost them since I have been using the liberty airs. But I wanted to use them for when I’m working out and cannot find them.

Thanks for the deals

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Losing them hopefully won’t be such an issue in future when tile is incorporated in some products

Nice deals, thanks for sharing


@k_pug2003 Im so stoked, my wife found them yesterday. apparently they were lost in the blackhole i call my car, lol. They were stuck in the seat track and when she tried to move the seat it wouldn’t move so she looked and there they were. I charged them up and used them at work last night so thankfully they were not destroyed


Lol mine is like that sometimes too.

Glad to hear you found them though bud :+1:t2: