Solved! Help me choose a new phone

So on the last day of my vacation I somehow managed to crack the screen on my phone. The crack broke through the tempered glass and even broke the screen under it, it took my wife almost an hour messing with it to unlock the phone and remove my security code so I can download everything off my phone. Now, that leaves me with the pressing issue of needing a phone. There are so many different makes and models of phones I figure I would ask everyone here for there thoughts and opinions on which phone to get.

I will be using the phone as a phone, for gaming, multi-tasking between working on documents such excel or word documents and also researching or general browsing, I will also be using it for movies and music is a must.

I have been strictly and android guy, save for when I brought the iPhone 5c…I sold it to a coworker since he smashed his phone at work. So I am not opposed to getting an iPhone, but I prefer android.

These are the phones I was thinking about getting. Whichever phone it is, it has to work on Verizon as that is the only phone that works at my house

HTC U11 $600
Essential Phone $300
Samsung Galaxy S9+ $580 plus free Dex Dock
Samsung Note 8 $650
Iphone 8 plus $600
Pixel 2XL $600
Huawei Mate 10 $600
OnePlus 5 $550


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Guess it also depends on your budget, is it gonna be a plan or buy outright? I was tempted by the iPhone 8 (for wireless charging) but could not justify the cost when storage means more to me. Would switch back to Android if a better ‘like iPhone’ backup/restore solution was available (including the home screens apps etc) HTC and Galaxy S9 would be favourites…


I use prepaid cell service or pay as you go. So I would be buying the phone outright, I knew I would need a phone eventually so I have been saving up for it.

I edited the original post to show how much I can get each phone for, if that helps any

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If you reach for HTC, in the near future the U12 will be presented, so maybe wait a little more with your choice. :thumbsup:

yea but that can be said for any phone, then its always the waiting game. I kinda need one now and can’t really wait too much longer

For me, the position of the fingerprint sensor would be important, personally the position of the fingerprint sensor should be on the front of the screen and not on the back of the phone. :thinking:

If you like clean Android, Pixel 2Xl. if you like the best overall Android phone, Galaxy S9+

@ndalby why do you recommend the HTC or galaxy s9?

@pauldey why is it so important to have the fingerprint on the front as opposed to the back?

@tonicboy why do you recommend the Pixel or galaxy?

Im looking for reasons why you folks recommend these phones so I can better make an informed decision.

iPhone :iphone: I was an android guy once but then iPhone 4 was my first and now I’m on an X. It’s just more convenient for me due to my kids using iPads

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Dude only if you lived near by i would’ve sold you my iPhone :joy::joy:

My Recommendation: Pixel 2XL
Pros: Excellent camera, best and fastest version of Android, most and quickest Android updates
Cons: Some display issues were reported, but that issue seems to have been resolved, at least somewhat, with the newer production runs

I would not get the iPhone 8 because design seems so old to spend that much on, and the X makes it seem pretty inferior. Also seeing that you prefer Android… the Pixels are the main Android phones I would consider. Again mostly because of the camera and software.

None of those choices will be bad, though. And even though the Essential Phone is by far the cheapest, I don’t think it underdelivers that much.


The decision goes down according to what you already got for other tech. Since you said you prefer Android, I’m guessing you already own other tech that works well with it. Your list is basically the best each manufacturer offers, so there’s little discussion there, they are all solid choices. The particular features you want or need are the real things to consider.

But, since you prefer Android, I would go with the Pixel, only because it had the most chance to get the updates in a timely fashion, plus it had the pure Android, without all the bloatware.

I read somewhere that the Essential is not worth the money or the hype. The One Plus, on the other hand, seems to be a fine device. Still, my vote would be the Pixel.

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I’m a huge fan of stock Android. I have tried flagship phones from Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC, and I prefer the Pixel BY FAR. Mainly because of stock Android. Like @joshuad11 said, it is the fastest version of Android, and it is also the cleanest. The UI overlays by Samsung, LG, and HTC just bother the heck out of me; it’s like when you buy a Windows PC and it comes with a whole bunch of useless apps pre-installed.

Quick Background: I’ve been an Android user since 2010 and an iPhone user since 2009. I’ve gone through about 10 different Android phones and through 8 different iPhones (every iPhone since 3GS except 7 & X). I carry 2 phones with me at all times (work/personal). Part of my job requires testing software on smartphones, so I go through smartphones a lot. My current smartphones are the iPhone 8 Plus and the LG G6 (not by choice; I miss the Pixel).



The galaxy S9 and HTC would be more of personal preferences rather than full recommendations. Reasons would be (for me);

S9 - Running latest OS Oreo (albeit with Samsung’s bolt on’s to remove), 12MP camera (colours more natural vs iPhone X), general design and stunning screen, microSD support (up to 400GB). NFC and wireless charging are nice bonuses.

HTC - design/style, True HD audio (24-bit/192kHz audio), microSD support (up to 400GB), NFC & quickcharge

I just read some articles about the new S9 coming out. You may want to wait a little before making your decision if you are into the bigger phones. Otherwise, my vote would be for the Galaxy S9+ and those sweet, sweet dual cameras…

It would be between the S9+ and Pixel 2XL for me

S9+ - Dual camera setup and dual aperture, headphone jack, Quick Charge 2.0, wireless charging, design and QHD+ screen, USB-C, microSD support (up to 400GB), Quick Charge 2.0, water and dust resistance and AKG headphone/sound and Dolby Atmos. Only thing I don’t really like is Bixby but this can be disabled

Pixel 2XL mainly for pure Android but also like the Dual camera setup, QHD+ screen, HDR for video (Netflix, Amazon Video and Google Video), stereo speakers, USB-C and don’t know how much it would be used or if its a gimmick but the squeeze for assistant looks like it could be useful. I don’t know if it matters but it doesn’t have a headphone jack, you could always use the SoundBuds Surge

Pixel does not have dual cameras…

If it was purely based upon having a phone you could drop and not have to worry about it breaking then it would be a Nokia 3310 - you’d just have to worry about it breaking the concrete lol

Do you ideally want a larger phone? (Plus models)
Are you concerned about it having a headphone jack?
Wireless charging capabilities?

I saw an article about the new Motorola Moto G6, and while it’s not an all singing all dancing top spec phone the entry price is very appealing - if you wanted something to keep you going til later in the year for maybe the next Samsung / Apple releases.

Sorry should have said Portrait mode without Dual camera setup

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Well I did have the Motorola Moto X Pure edition, but that’s what I broke the screen on. I was trying to use my wife’s old Galaxy s5 but that thing is so glitched out its unusable. I’m not opposed to getting another Motorola but their newest phones are not guarantee to get updated never mind I don’t want a mediocre phone and then have to buy and other one 6 months down the line.

What concerns me about the Pixel is the andnothercreen issues, I have a few friends who have gone through 2 or 3 different pixels each due to screen issues . And I really don’t want to go through that either.