Solar powered outdoor speaker + outdoor light + power bank

Yes you’re reading that right.

On backer planet, is an outdoor BT speaker, that’s powered by solar, and can also be an outdoor light n powerbank.

Have you seen this @AnkerOfficial ?
It just popped up in my FB feed.

What do people think of such an idea?

I know Anker would do it better.


Looks cool

Only a matter or time until Anker sells something similar.

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Interesting idea…
What the exterior design would be?:joy:

@AnkerOfficial click the link to see!

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Looks cool, a great tool for someone that’s off grid and still wants power without wasting their stored power.

Not a bad idea, sounds like a great powerhouse!

It’s my first time saw this kind of speaker…:joy:

How many are there? Cos one lot says interesting, and now next person says, never seen this before!

Any chance of some power user?

I like the sound of this product

I have their first Gen. Sounds amazing! Plus I haven’t once charged it via any wall/car outlet bc I keep it in my car dash or home window sill. I have quite a few portable speakers, and this is the most convenient one bc I don’t have to worry about the charge. Took it on a 5 hour river trip this past weekend and didn’t have to worry about it dropping off my kayak or it dying on us!

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I subscribed their newsletter before and it just launched on Indiegogo.

That’s pretty awesome! I have a big, foldable solar panel that takes forever to charge devices so it amazing to see how fast technology is moving these days.